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…The treasure trove of magical stories woven in the dark web of eternity, honored by brave adventurers as BlackLore, now shines among the beacons of the road to the heart of the world. For thousands of years, these legendary black parchments have hidden scrolls imbued with magical power, whose lines weave the mystical threads of fate around the righteous, illuminating the dark night and showing direction to those who wander blindly in the mists of lost ages...
…So discover our world, the rich realm of Oh'ran, home to all aspects of magic. It is also the cradle of life, knowledge and shadows. Over the once prosperous kingdoms characterized by peace and knowledge, dark clouds are now gathering, where the shadow of power-hungry rulers is cast over everything. Justice often favors the rich and powerful, while the innocent bear the heavy burden of oppression and cruelty. Wizards and witches roam the roads, searching for ancient knowledge, while demons and spirits lurk in the depths of the wilderness…

Age of the First Ones

Magic. A force that enables us to do incredible, supernatural things. Only a few old scrolls mention its origin. At the dawn of Mankind, celestial beings descended who called themselves the “First Ones”. These powerful beings planted the seeds of magic in the primitive people of the time. In addition to strength, they have also been blessed with knowledge, laying the foundations of our world as we know it today. They did not ask for anything in return, only to be obliged to follow a simple law: Never use magic against each other. The purpose of magic should be to serve the prosperity of life, growth, peace. The First Ones appeared as suddenly as they disappeared, leaving  Man behind with this incredible power.

Age of Magic Evolution

Mankind began to flourish. Magic has proliferated in the world and manifested itself in the most varied ways. People have evolved, more and more children have been blessed with magical abilities and everyone was proud of the amazing achievements that people had brought about. However, the law of the First Ones began to fade over time as people started to forget the teachings of their ancestors.
What do magi with great power want? More power. So it was only a matter of time before peace would be broken by war and blood would soak the lands. The desire for power of the ruling magi clans reached the heavens and led to enormous, earthly contradictions. The contradictions sparked anger and hatred that led to the bloodiest war of all time, “Ondain”. As a result of cruel and bloody battles, humanity almost destroyed itself. On the brink of extinction, at the last minute, the fighters finally realized the serious consequences of their horrific actions and laid down their weapons. Clan leaders abandoned their clans and formed an alliance of magic. They created a place in the middle of the world for the purpose of keeping the law of the First Ones. The name of the place became “Loria”, and with that, peace came.

Age of Loria

Loria was the center of magic, where wise and experienced masters taught young people with magical abilities who wanted to evolve to use magic safely and at a high level. All magic practitioners migrated here, so over time the alliance became a city, and the city became a kingdom. An independent, isolated empire, where the power of magic is most concentrated. From here the trained magicians set out on their journey to enrich the peoples of other empires with their services. People of ordinary and magical ability lived together again and in peace all over the world.
Hundreds of years have passed in peace, cooperation and prosperity.

BlackLore: The beginnings

Our story begins in Loria’s time with its wise king, “Okhuros”. The king was famous for his kindness and commitment to the people, be it the richest nobleman or the poorest farmer. In doing so, he led Loria’s people to unprecedented wealth and prosperity. Grateful people visited the ruler with gifts every day. One day, however, King Okhuros was struck by a strange disease, and the healers did not know how to treat him. As the weeks passed, the King's condition did not improve, and they began to whisper in the court that he was dying. Since the ruler had no successor to ensure the upholding of laws and prosperity, he created a council of magicians who would be able to elect Loria's next leader after his death.
After the appointment of the council, an unknown man appeared at the gate of the kingdom and asked for an audience from the King. The stranger, who called himself Dakrahkhan, persuaded the council to let him meet the king in person. Oddly enough, the council complied with his request without a word. No one knows what happened in the audience, but after Dakrahkhan's departure, the King was found dead, stiff and cold, his finger pointing straight forward, and an expression of horror in his eyes. There were those who had their suspicions, but openly no one blamed the stranger who had last seen Okhuros alive, for the long illness and weakness had already foreshadowed this mournful event.
After the King's death, the council met to select from the most worthy a successor who would lead Loria's people. The magicians wanted to make the decision through an ancient ceremony, and to their great surprise, Dakrahkhan was chosen. The people were shocked at what happened, they didn’t understand how magic could choose an unknown stranger to fill the chief leadership position. However, after the new King's first speech, the  people seemed to have a change of heart, blindly following and glorifying Dakrahkhan. Only a few of the wise magicians of the former King continued to question King Dakrahkan's right to rule and assumed that the new King was not an ordinary man. However, the ongoing investigation was interrupted by mysterious deaths, and soon only people loyal to Dakrahkan were present in the royal palace.
The new ruler was not idle for long. He set up the royal army and began forcibly enlisting powerful mages such as Æmon or Dorchmalla. The ruler used every means for the mages to obey him. He captured and imprisoned those who were the most important to the mages, so they had no choice, but to obey the new power. Some mages have argued that Dakrahkhan is some kind of mind magician, as he seems to be able to control weaker mages and commoners with his will. After this, Loria declared war on the great powers of the world, demanding full surrender and obedience from everyone in the world. Countries inexperienced in war, accustomed to peace and cooperation, failed one after the other before Dakrahkhan’s army. The Age of Fear and Blood has arrived. After the conquest of a country, the King's first order was to kill all the local mages. Not many of them managed to escape, as people seized their own magicians voluntarily out of fear and instinctive jealousy. The fighting painted the sky blood red.
The battle of “Kheros” culminated in such an unprecedented cruel and senseless bloodshed that led most of the mages, the most powerful, including Æmon and Dorchmalla, to no longer bear this evil and to turn against the King. Dakrahkhan was furious at the sight of disobedience and ordered the soldiers to kill the disobedient mages. The soldiers followed the command without thinking and attacked those on their own side as well. Chaos reigned on the battlefield. Dakrahkhan's soldiers no longer cared if whom they killed were friends or enemies, they just attacked all living things. Only a few wizards managed to escape the battle.
Æmon and Dorchmalla immediately set off for “Loria” to free the defenseless prisoners, their loved ones. However, they were late. Dakrahkhan's death order sooner arrived in the kingdom, saying the prisoners were no longer needed. In the chaos of the executions, only As’kha, the shape-shifter, was released from her prison. Leaving everyone behind, they managed to get out of the capital at great cost. Dakrahkhan immediately ordered a hunt to chase the fugitives.
Niuve, the druid of Loria, who was watching and waiting in the shelter of the forest, saw the time had come to oppose the will of King Dakrahkhan and hurried to the aid of the three refugees. Aeteris hid the three mages in the woods. However, nothing could remain hidden from Dakrahkhan and his spies, so it was only a matter of time before he learned of the whereabouts of the traitors. With the help of a few fire mages still chained to their minds, he began to burn the Aeteris Forest. Sior, the spirit of Aeteris, seeing the destruction of his forest, asked Niuve to hold on to the three mages and flee immediately. Sior used the last of his strength to hold up the fire mages and Dakrahkhan for long enough so they eventually lost track of the fugitives.
The team, already four, fled to the nearby “Afame” mountains, where they met the hermit thundersmith, Unaahi. After recounting the events, Unaahi turned to the Elementals for help, who were urging Unaahi to visit an old ancient mage and instructing him to help the mages on their journey.

The first magic story from the Black Scrolls: The legend of the Lich Pirate.

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